A.Y. Ohashi Photography
I have always been insatiably curious, with a need to create: always looking, always moving, the hands searching for materials with which to make pictures, construct houses, make flowers. I have always been in the process of making something. As a child it was instinctive. There was no pretension; it was how I played and passed the time.

Now as an adult, the need to create manifests itself in photography, and in some ways it is still how I "play and pass the time." Some of my photographs are my form of “stop-action.” I pause what I see and memorialize it. The image becomes a place that exists outside of reality, unaffected by the technology to which we’ve become so accustomed. I want to create a visual calm by simplifying an image so it is without extraneous “noise.” What usually catches my eye are forms and light that evoke a memory, like the lyrics of a song that I interpret and personalize based upon my memories, that I think were written with my joy or heartbreak in mind. The images are the opening lines to a story, but it is a mystery because I will never know what happens behind the window or who or what is really behind the mask.